Dale Heigh's AppleWorks Drawing Tutorial - 18 April 2000

  1. The AppleWorks Draw Palette
  2. Selecting and Deselecting Objects
  3. Sample Balloon Project
  4. Instructions for Balloon Project

The AppleWorks Draw Palette

One Object Click anywhere on the object. For objects with a transparent fill, click the object¹s line or border.
Several Objects Drag the pointer across the objects to enclose them. This selects only those objects entirely enclosed within the rectangle.

Hold down Command and drag the pointer across the objects to enclose them. This selects any object, whether partially or entirely within the rectangle.

Hold down the Shift key and click each object.

All Objects Choose Select All from the Edit menu or press Command-A.
All Objects of a Certain type Select the tool that created the type of objects you want to select, for example, the Oval Tool. Choose Select All from the Edit menu, or press Command-A.

One Object Click anywhere outside the object. If more than one object is selected, Shift-click an object to deselect it.
An Object Permanently Click anywhere on the object, then press Delete or choose Clear from the Edit menu.
An Object and Keep a Copy on the Clipboard Click anywhere on the object, and then choose Cut from the Edit menu or press Command-X.
All Objects in a Document Choose Select All from the Edit menu, or press Command-A Then Choose Clear from the Edit menu or press Delete.


If you change your mind about a deletion, choose Undo from the Edit menu or press Command-Z to restore the object. Stop! Take no other action! If you press any other keys before pressing Command-Z or choosing Undo, the object is gone forever.

Sample birthday project with balloons.


To Draw Objects

  1. Open a new drawing document in AppleWorks

  2. Use the Oval Tool to draw one circle (holding down the Shift key to make a perfect circle).

  3. After drawn the circle should be “selected”. You can tell by seeing little black squares (“handles”) at the 4 corners around it.

To Duplicate Objects

  1. You don’t have to redraw the circles from scratch for the balloons. Just press Command-D or select Duplicate from the Edit menu the number of times you want to replicate the circles.

  2. Using the Graphics Tool (the arrow), click on one circle at a time, and with the mouse button held down, drag it to where you want it located. After you have positioned the circles in a bunch, click on one to select it and then choose a fill pattern. You can “tear off” the Fill Pattern, Fill Color, Gradient & Texture palettes by dragging them to blank spots in your draw document.

  3. Click on another circle. Choose a different fill pattern, fill color, gradient or texture for that circle. Repeat until all circles are filled. Note that if you don’t like how the circles (now balloons) are layered, you can click on one and change its place in the grouping. Just choose Send to the Back or Bring to the Front from the Arrange menu and see what happens.

  4. Select the Freehand, Arc or Line Tool and draw strings for the balloons.
To Group Objects

  1. Press Command-A or select Select All from the Edit menu. All the balloons and strings will be shown with handles (that is “selected”).

  2. Press Command-G or select Group from the Arrange menu. This will group the balloons and strings into one picture. Now you can move it around the screen anywhere you want. Move it to the side so you have room for a label and other things.

  3. Choose the text tool.

  4. Use the Font and Text options in the Format menu to make your Font and Size choices.
To Add Graphic Text (Captions)

  1. Click on the screen where you want the text box to begin. There will be a small box with a cursor blinking inside it. Just start typing your message. Don’t worry about size of the box because it will grow as you type.

  2. You can change the size of the text by selecting it and choosing a new size from the Size menu. You can adjust the size of the box by clicking and dragging on one of the handles of the box. To move the message to a new location on the screen, click the Arrow in the Tool palette, and click the message and holding the mouse button down just drag to the new location.
• To Add Other Graphics

  1. AppleWorks/ClarisWorks has a wonderful library of clip art that can be added to your draw documents. Select the Arrow Tool and click on your screen where you want the clip art to be positioned.

  2. Go to Library under the Edit menu. In this case, choose Events and Holidays. Click on View in the headings. Find the birthday cake. Select it, and click on Use. The cake appears in your draw document where you clicked. The cake in this case can be manipulated in just about any way you want. Try it. For example change the size by selecting Scale by Percent under the Arrange menu. Type in, say, 175 in both boxes; click OK and see the change.